The Amalfi Vein Center welcomes you to where state-of-the-art medical technology merges with comfort and caring. It is the only Vein Center in Traverse City with a Board Certified Cardiac-Vascular Surgeon evaluating patients and performing vein treatments. All procedures are performed in our convenient office setting. An initial consultation allows the Doctor to recommend the best treatment plan for your individual needs.

The Medical Spa at Amalfi provides solutions for healthy, radiant skin. A complimentary initial consultation will determine which treatments are right for you.

dr. David Amalfitano
Spider Veins  |  Varicose Veins
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Facials/Peels  |  Cosmetic Injectables   |  Photorejuvenation | Acne
Hair Reduction  |  Skin Resurfacing  |  Wrinkle Reduction  |  Tribella
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"The best thing about Dr. Amalfitano, besides his expert technical skill (I had no pain) was the time he took to explain the procedure, his kindness and sense of humor."
— Mary A.